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To Whom It May Concern:

Being in the mortgage and real estate development business, it is always nice to learn something new and innovative. Real estate is what I like to invest in and being able to unlock my IRA has really helped me and my family.

Alan took my wife and I through the process step by step, and helped us see it was all possible and very beneficial to our bottom line.

I wish I had known this many years ago. This would have helped me unlock the potential much sooner. In doing this, we began taking advantage of available tax laws to their fullest and enjoy the new property we now own.

Thank you for your insight and we look forward to working with you for many years.

C & SM • Tallahassee, Florida

Hi Alan,

Things are well here and hope they are with you. I am currently renovating my home and have been getting great deals because of the market. It's looking marvelous! Hope to finish the renovation by the end of the month!!

I thought of you today, because my dad emailed to let me know that he is worried that he got taken by a Ponzi scheme. He had told me about this"investment" several years ago. It sounded too good to be true - and it was. He was receiving monthly checks and then... the checks stopped. My uncle in Nebraska invested substantially more, and this unfortunate investment will undoubtedly change his life.

There has been so much news about Ponzi schemes, but today was the first time that they have had any effect on me (my family). I wish my dad had gone to someone like you to council him on his investments.

What I am trying to say is… "Thank you" for your good, sound advice, Alan. I feel very lucky to have met you.

G.H. • Panama City Beach, Florida 

To All:

We have known Alan for two years and I would recommend him as a knowledgeable financial planner you can trust.  With his help, we have freed up our IRA and now use it to purchase our second home in The Villages.  We are planning to retire in a few years and avoided the economic storm. Instead of the stock market roller coaster ride, we now ride in our Villages’ golf cart!  Alan really knows the ins and outs of retirement plans, he is a pleasure to work with and no pressure.  Thank you!

JC and FC • Rantoul, Illinois and The Villages, Florida

When my wife and I first heard of Real Estate IRAs, I called our IRA investment advisor who works with a large national financial corporation and advised him we would like to take advantage of this type of IRA investment. His first response was NO but he did later go on to say that Real estate IRAs are limited to X number of dollars on which you must pay capital gain taxes plus a penalty once these monies are removed from your traditional IRA. This did not seem right to me, but I’m not a tax attorney, so I let the subject drop for several months.

Knowing that my wife and I had worked for 40 years and were told we couldn’t invest our hard earned retirement savings the way we wanted, kept eating at me so I decided to do some further research on Real Estate IRAs. I sat down at my computer and started researching the tax codes with respect to real estate and IRA rules. My quest for information took many long hours, if not days! Along the way, I read an article written by Alan Potts of Potts Financial Services, which turned out to be best material I’d seen in over a year. Looking back, the best advice I can give you is not to listen to your current IRA investment advisor. It’s in their best interest to keep you as a client.

My wife and I attended one of Mr. Potts’ seminars and the rest is history. Being the doubting person I am, I wanted to see everything in black and white and my questions answered before making any decisions. Over the next two weeks Mr. Potts met with us several times, both in person and over the telephone to answer all of our questions. With Mr. Potts guidance, we started the rollover process to our new Real Estate IRA. That is the second best choice we ever made. The first is retirement!! We (including children and grandchildren) are now enjoying our new vacation home and comfortable in the knowledge that one day it will be passed on to our children.

Jim and Sherryl B. • Georgia and Florida 

My wife and I were looking for a safe place to invest our 401(k) rollover account / IRA. We always felt safe in real estate. We learned about investing our 401(k) / IRA into real estate from a friend of ours and he also told us about Alan Potts.

We contacted Mr. Potts for more information and since then we have become good friends.

We now have a second home (a Condo in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri) and we are very happy with our selection. Mr. Potts guided us all the way through it and he is very good at what he does.

We highly recommend Alan Potts, to all serious real estate investors who are looking for a creative way to invest their hard earned 401(k) / IRA accounts.

J & M • Shorewood, Illinois

To Whom It May Concern:

Most of my career, I have owned my own company and over the years have worked with many professionals.

Several years ago, my wife and I met Alan Potts. I do well in my business but did not know anything about using certain retirement plans to purchase real estate. Now we do.

Alan thinks outside the box! In addition, he took the time to educate us, understand our dreams and then helped the both of us see the opportunity we could not see. We believed and what he saw came true. Not only have the results been financially successful but also personally rewarding.

He even made my wife feel comfortable! The stock market roller coaster ride is over!!!

At first Alan was a consultant, now he is also a friend. We talked regularly and he always makes me think.

J and PK • Woodstock, Georgia

Recent life changes have rewarded me with a workable financial situation. With little experience in the investment arena, I have had the great fortune to meet an incredibly knowledgeable financial advisor in Alan.

Alan brought my attention to an alternative use of my IRA. Instead of letting it sit idle until my golden years, he encouraged my using my IRA as an investment tool to purchase real estate earning me income today, tax benefits and growth in my investment. He also advised strategic placement of assets for financial benefit.

I have always been intrigued with the accumulation of wealth and knew there was a money making money formula. With great patience, kindness and consideration, Alan is bringing this to life for me. I feel secure with his judgment and recommendations in regards to my finances, an area I feel most personal. He always presents himself in a sound professional manner.

Working under his tutelage, I look forward to my future financial successes.

LF of Atlanta, Georgia

My wife and I were very upset about the beating we took in the stock market debacle. We decided we needed a better way to control our retirement destiny. Fortunately, we met Al Potts who guided us every step of the way to converting our IRA accounts directly into real estate holdings which we control. We're now well on our way to reestablishing our retirement program.

Tom M. • Pensacola, FL